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Thomas J. Elpel

Thomas J. Elpel had the rare opportunity as a child to spend hundreds of hours with his grandmother, Josie Jewett. Together they explored the hills and meadows near Virginia City, Montana, collecting herbs, looking for arrowheads, and watching wildlife. Grandma Josie mentored Tom in edible and medicinal plants and wilderness survival skills, igniting a passion for nature that has inspired Tom ever since.

Desperate to walk his own path as a young man, Tom built a passive solar stone and log home for approximately what most people spend on a new car. He successfully avoided the need for a mortgage, a regular job, or an expensive college education. Instead, he pursued his interests – learning, practicing, teaching, and writing about botany, wilderness survival, consciousness, and sustainable living. He is the author of six books, and the director of Outdoor Wilderness Living School (OWLS) and Green University®, LLC in Pony, Montana.

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