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Fergus Drennan

Fergus Drennan, also known as Fergus The Forager is a UK-based wild food experimentalist who has been working with and researching wild food plants for over 20 years. His fascination with wild food plants lies in their ability, as well as that of the natural world more generally, to ground and nourish individuals and communities on many different levels, from the physical materiality of nutrition to the rarefied realm of spirit.

He is currently involved in two major wild food related projects: The Foraged Book Project (in collaboration with artist James woods), in which they are creating a unique 380 page beautifully illustrated wild food guide made entirely from 100% foraged natural materials (paper from pulped fungi, text and illustrations from plant and fungi dyes and pigments). His second major project involves sustaining himself (and others) entirely on foraged foods for the year in 2014. The latter will act as a vehicle for exploring sustainability and health issues as well as an opportunity to simply play.

Visit Fergus’s website here.