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Alison Ramsay

Alison is no stranger to the dirt. In fact she downright loves it- along with the sand, sea, trees, plants and bees. Growing up in the Northern Ontario bush and later moving to rural New Zealand, Alison has spent most of her life living up close and personal with the natural world. She has contributed to many projects promoting sustainability and self-reliance, including a year spent volunteering on organic, biodynamic and permaculture properties across New Zealand, co-creating a woman powered campaign, 'The Bag Ladies' to create awareness of the destruction caused by petroleum by-products, and is now part of the global reforestation campaign, TreeSisters. Alison is passionate about health, ecology, fine art, deep hearts and her two beautiful babies and as the Continental Director for Body Enlightenment in New Zealand and Australia is excited to help women of all walks ditch the diet books, get a little wild and become as alive and radiant as a juicy cherry plum tree.

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