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In An Age Where Information Has Never Been Easier to Find, Rates of Cancer,
Chronic Illness and Mental Health Disorders Have Skyrocketed!!

Turn Off the TV, Put Away the Glossy Magazines and
We'll Restore Your Health & Happiness
With Some Good Ol' Fashion Common Sense! 

WISH presents...

Back to the wild summit

September 19th to 29th, 2013

Dear Wild Wannabee,

We've forgotten some of the most basic principles and practices of healthy living. The kinda stuff we would know if we still lived in harmony with nature and our environment.

Switch off your electronics, kick off your shoes,
and frolic to the nearest forest to
tap into the secrets of a wild life!

It's time to get at the seed, the core, the root, of what you really are - an exquisite wild creature who thrives and comes alive when you're outside! In this series of inspiring interviews with re-wilders, nature philosophers, authors and leading health and sustainability revolutionaries, you'll learn:

  • How to use the elements as a simple template to increase your health on every level.

    back to the wild

  • Experience a health boost with the nutritional power of wild foods!
  • Save a fortune at the pharmacy by finding medicine in your forest!
  • Uncover one of the biggest causes of major health decline in the last 100 years.
  • How to affect your genetics and activate the genes you want through easy diet and lifestyle changes!
  • The master key hormone of all health, and the simple ways of saturating your body with it.
  • How to tap into the healing powers of medicinal mushrooms (and find them for free!)
  • Tips for building affordable, healthy, ecological homes that save money and forests!
  • What damage "thinking" has done and how to get your good ol' fashion common senses activated again!
  • What "Nature Defecit Disorder" is doing to our children and our well-being.
  • The ingredients in your "beauty care products" that are making you fat and sick and wrinkly!
  • The forgotten factors that make sun vital to your health and why the sunscreen craze is making people sicker than ever.
  • How women are naturally rooted in the wild and how to retore their vital relationship with the planet.
  • How to create your own wildcrafted herbal first aid kit to assist with common family ailments.
  • And so much more!!

This is the stuff your grandma would have
taught you if TVs, radios, internet and
newspapers hadn't gotten to you first!

I'm Ready to Get Wild!

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