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Hal A. Huggins

A maverick mind guided by intelligent curiosity, Dr. Hal Huggins dared to challenge the standard procedure of modern dentistry, the drill and fill folly, and he is now heralded as the father of mercury free dentistry. His particular interest in the mouth's connection to the body has inspired his lifetime pursuit of tooth truth.

Dr. Huggins' degrees in dentistry and immunology, along with 50 years of research in holistic medicine, supports his abundant knowledge of the relationships between the body's blood, minerals, teeth, organ function, mercury toxicity and bacterial infections.

Dr. Huggins has authored many fascinating and well titled books, including:

  • Uninformed Consent: The Hidden Dangers of Dental Care
  • It's All in Your Head: the Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness (which was challenged by the legal system 4 times and won each time)
  • What Makes your Hormones Hum
  • Solving the MS Mystery
  • Why Raise Ugly Kids

The Huggins Applied Healing Institute generously answers your questions over the phone, and they will help you locate a qualified dentist in your area. His website is drhuggins.com.

Today, Dr. Huggins shall take us to the root of root canals and explain why he says: "Do not leave your health in your dentist's hands and assume all will be fine."

Visit Dr. Hal’s website here.

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