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Dr. Lina Garcia

Committed to modernizing the medical and dental paradigm, Dr. Lina Garcia is reforming the outdated mindset that the body is separate mechanical parts. Her mission is to lead the dental-medical field into treating each person as a whole-being.

Dr. Garcia is a doctor of medical dentistry, a doctor of dental surgery and a trained cranial osteopath. She deeply understands the integral relationship between the health of our mouths and the health our bodies.

At her Environmental Dental Practice associated with Dr. Mercola's Natural Health Center in South Barrington, Illinois, she offers cutting-edge dentistry without antibiotics, root canals, fluoride treatments or mercury fillings. She guides her patients toward optimal dental and overall wellbeing, employing an osteopathic physician and a nutritionist to support the health of the whole person. Brimming with tooth-truth information, including an interactive tooth meridian chart, Dr. Garcia's website can be found at www.drlinagarcia.com. 

Dr. Garcia has been featured in Oprah Magazine and Radio One Network with Patrick Timpone. She is a regular contributor to Mercola.com, and she's even Dr. Mercola's dentist!

She is currently finishing her first book, Are Your Teeth Making You Sick? Holistic Dentistry in the 21st Century. Dr. Garcia is going to give us a preview, today, of her research on alternative solutions to conventional dentistry.

Visit Dr. Garcia’s website here.

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