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Charlie Brown

Delving deep into tooth truth, is Charlie Brown, a legal hero in the crusade against mercury in dentistry.

A force to be reckoned with, Charlie is a graduate of Yale Law School. He was twice elected as the Attorney General of the state of West Virginia, and he has argued a case before the US Supreme Court. He is the author of First Get Mad, then Get Justice: the Handbook for Crime Victims

Charlie joins us as the key legal player in the world-wide movement to eliminate mercury amalgams. In a well-organized, multiyear campaign in the US, he brought mercury-free dentistry into the mainstream by challenging the three main agencies that protect the use of toxic metals in the mouth: the state dental boards, the American Dental Association and the FDA. In 2008, he bested the FDA in court, forcing it to include warnings on its website about the neurological risks of silver amalgams and to agree to write, under a deadline, an amalgam regulation. When the FDA reneged on the agreement, Mr. Brown led a powerful grassroots campaign that forced the FDA to reconsider its rule.

Charlie Brown is the head of National Counsel of Consumers for Dental Choice, with a truly informative website, www.toxicteeth.org. He is also president of the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry, an assembly of non-governmental organizations from all over the world united to phase out amalgam across the planet.

Visit Dr. Charlie’s website here.

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