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Nadine Artemis


Nadine Artemis is the author of Successful Self-Dentistry: How to Avoid the Dentist without ignoring your Teeth and the creator of Living Libations, an exquisite line of serums, elixirs and essentials oils for those seeking the purest botanical health and beauty products on the planet. An innovative aromacologist, Nadine develops immune enhancing formulas and medicinal blends for health and wellness: her potent dental drops are used worldwide and provide the purest oral care available. Nadine has been formulating health and beauty products since she was 18 years old, at that time she was able to find much in the field of alternative health, but there was a gap of information and options with dentistry. It was on an appointment with a wise dental hygienist, who spotting the beginning of a cavity did not summon the dentist. She instead encouraged me to, "Go home and put some of the botanical oils you mix on this cavity and we shall take an x-ray next visit and see that it has evolved." This was the beginning of Nadine's Healthy Gum Drops Serum which she applied daily until the next x-ray, in which the dental cavity was gone. What Nadine discovered, through her research on dental self-care (having teeth, this is a subject that interested her greatly) is that we were not really set up for successful oral care as children, and the reason is simple: our parents, even our dentists, were less-than knowledgeable about how to care for and feed our teeth and gums. Even if we brushed, flossed, and went to the dentist every six months as prescribed, we still got cavities and may have even have ended up with root canals, extractions, and other invasive procedures. Like many of us, author Nadine Artemis grew up with the belief that we need doctors to take care of our bodies and dentists to take care of our mouth. "I developed the belief that the mouth is separate from the rest of the body," she explains. "This system of treating symptoms creates a perpetual loop of appointments, medications, surgeries, scrapings, bridges, crowns, and fillings that never reaches the core underlying root causes of the symptoms, all leading to the statistic that 90% of sixty year olds will have 63% of their teeth missing, filled, or decayed."

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