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Stephani McGirr

Stephani McGirr, founder of Nourishing Journey, is a speaker, writer, nutrition consultant and coach for the ADHD and Autism Diet.

First and foremost, she’s a mom to 4 children, including a son with both Aspergers and ADHD diagnoses. In addition to her education in Biology, Nutrition and Child Psychology, she has spent the last 12 years researching her son’s needs, applying biomedical interventions and becoming an expert in diet and nutrition specifically for improving symptoms and behaviors of ADHD and the Autism Spectrum. She now helps other families overcome overwhelm and get results with successful implementation of dietary and lifestyle changes.

Originally from Texas, she moved to Austria with her husband 13 years ago, so she knows what it means to struggle without resources, support and information for autism and ADHD. Between travel, two languages and living abroad, she knows first hand that lifestyle changes are possible, no matter where you are in the world, and has the tools to manage it all.

Doctors may give you direction and instructions, but it's up to you to make these strategies work at home, day after day. Stephani’s desire is to support families through the process of learning, implementing new strategies and transitioning into a brand new life of peace and hopefulness of the bright future that lies ahead for their children.

Download Stephani's Fruit & Veggie Challenge here.