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Phillip Day

Phillip Day was born in England in 1960. He was educated at Selwyn and Charterhouse and throughout his twenties had a successful entrepreneurial career in sales and marketing. With a firm grounding in the ways of the media, Phillip’s research career and citizen’s advocacy began after he became interested in wars going on in the realms of health and politics over information that was being deliberately withheld or misreported to the public. To date he has written 14 books on health and disease and appeared in numerous documentaries, including the bestselling _Food Matters.

Phillip Day heads up the publishing and research organisation Credence and is founder of the Campaign for Truth in Medicine, a global citizen’s advocacy group collating work by researchers in many fields. Phillip’s intention is to work with the establishments and organisations concerned to resolve issues that are harming the public, and to provide the necessary information for citizens to make their own informed choices. Phillip Day’s speaking schedule takes him to audiences all over the world. He is married to Samantha, has a daughter Anna, and lives in Kent, England.

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