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Who is Tera Warner and What Does She Do?

Tera WarnerShe's not got a string of acronyms after her name and fancy credentials, so don't bother looking for them. After years in university studying monkeys, some say she's simply busy trying to get the world to eat like one!

Serving a global community of over 100,000 women, Tera is the creator of "be." (Body Enlightenment)--a lifestyle design system that helps women to improve their self-worth, not "manage their weight." Rather than keep women on a perpetual roller coaster of counting calories and pinching inches on a diet of low-calorie processed food, she teaches women to go for more walks, get better sleep, hug often and eat food that grows on trees. 

In a culture where the average woman is met with 3000 incoming messages from media per day, it's an incredible feat that Tera has built an entire empire of empowered women who strive to heed the world's most daring call to action:


According to Tera, it turns out "the secret" to better health, more energy and youthful glow isn't a secret after all. In fact, in all of her programs and services you'll be met with a reminder that your self-worth isn't measured by the size of your thighs or the width of your hips, but by the breadth of your dreams and the depth of your love. 

When you can let go of the media messages and need to please life starts to get a whole lot easier, a whole lot more fun and you start to get a taste of what being alive really feels like. 

"Don't change yourself to please the world. 
Be yourself. 
That's what will change the world."

-Tera Warner

Speaking & Media Appearances

Tera Warner

As a dynamic keynote speaker Tera raises the roof on the everything from body image, communication, weight loss, natural detox and so much more! Having spoken to audiences of thousands she captivates attention with authentic presentations that leave women inspired and transformed.

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